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With the fast-pacing tech world, we’re all pretty much aware as to how important cyber security is to our personal as well as professional lives. By definition, cyber security is the path followed by individuals as well as firms in order to protect their systems from cyber attacks like phising, malware, ransomware, trojans etc. and provide network, application, information and operational security. Now, by definition cyber protection looks like a cakewalk; but it’s so much more than that. Cyber threats have so many types and kinds and take a new face almost everyday with such fact moving technology. Cyber criminals brainstorm and put so much effort in creating new ways of attacking high end systems for their benefit. Cyber security analysts are required to be ten steps ahead of the criminals for the webspace to be a safe space for all humans to use and hold their data. Analysts need to work twice as hard as the criminals to provide necessary protection and keep up with new attacks and viruses.

With the advancement of technology, there has been a boom in the number of cyber crimes and cyber criminals. For the tech savvy generation, indulging in cyber crimes looks like easy money. In addition to this, the whole world is now an open book because of excessive use of social media which gives cyber criminals a freeway to invade in systems because most people tend to ‘overshare’ on digital media. Technology has also helped hackers to be more skilled in finding loop holes in corporate systems and gaining access to their protected data. By and large, we can say, all crimes include invading privacy and stealing data through various different paths. This poses so many challenges for the cyber security practitioners.

Most of the corporate firms tend to ignore Cyber security as a major issue and because of the business mindedness and they often fail to resolve minimalist issues related to cyber security. It is high time that all businesses, hospitals, schools, etc have a proper cyber security department and at least one member of the IT department to be one of the board members for easy flow of decisions. One of the most common mistake done by firms is the ‘bring your own device’ policy. They fail to understand what threats this can bring if every employee is working on his or her personal device. Moreover, employees and are not made well aware of the scams that can take place, so this issue needs to be resolved. Ransomware threats are expanding day by day and it is necessary to have a proper plan and strategy to recoup the lost data (if any) during such malware attacks. With 5G being introduced, cyber security analysts need to be more aware and updated with the potential threats this increased speed brings in wireless communication. Criminals can enter 5G wireless network through various different end points and exploit or misuse the data stored. These attacks can be made possible through third parties which cause a privacy invasion and it is crucial to identify the third parties which are constantly working towards violating trust.

The need of the hour is to ensure a comprehensive and more inclusive path to deal with cyber security threats and attacks. Every organization should have a full proof IT department to corroborate the ways and plans against cyber criminals and guarantee a safe working space with minimal threats to important databases and information. The organizations need to start investing in a cyber security department and resolute to it in times of need to establish better work environment.