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A worldwide federation of national standards bodies is ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

One standards body is present for each member nation in the intergovernmental organisation known as ISO, which includes standards bodies from more than 160 nations. National standards organisations that are members of ISO work together to produce and promote international standards for a variety of topics, including technology, societal challenges, working conditions, and scientific testing procedures. Documents describing these standards are then sold by ISO and its members.

Its governing body is the ISO General Assembly. It is made up of elected officials known as primary officers and representatives from the members. The organization’s central secretariat is in charge of managing activities from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. What exactly is ISO accreditation? The assurance provided by a certifying authority that a service, product, or system complies with an ISO standard is known as certification. Third-party certification bodies certify compliance with certain requirements as ISO develops the standards.

The ISO states that a system’s or product’s certification as adhering to an ISO standard by a certifying authority shall never be indicated by the term “ISO certification.” Instead, ISO advises utilising the complete identification of the ISO standard when referring to approved goods or systems.For instance, ISO advises using the word “ISO 9001:2015 certified” rather than “ISO certified.”