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Maritime Cyber Security is the protection of onboard and onshore devices and systems from unpermitted or malicious intrusions. Cyber Security encompasses all possible vectors of access to these systems, including through network connections, on location through console access or through intrinsic weaknesses present in the systems themselves.

Maritime cyber security is important for yachts and ships because they rely heavily on technology for navigation, communication, propulsion, and other critical functions. A cyber-attack on these systems can have serious consequences, such as loss of control of the ship, loss of navigation data, or disruption of communications. This can cause safety issues for passengers and crew, and can also result in environmental hazards and economic losses.

Ships and yachts are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they often operate in isolated and remote areas, making them difficult to protect and monitor.

Additionally, many ships and yachts use older technology that may not have been designed with cyber security in mind, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

At WCS we offer a wide range of maritime Cyber Security services which will help you to review, improve and strengthen your Cyber Security. Our services include:

Maritime Cyber Security can no longer be avoided
Maritime Cyber Security & WCS Security

We are a team with knowledge and experience in both maritime operations and Cyber Security, allowing us to provide industry specific services. ALL of our consultants working on maritime Cyber Security engagements are STCW95 trained and the majority to the team hold commercial licenses and sail in their spare time.

Our services have been designed to minimise their impact on your operations, so that you can continue to operate as normal while improving your Cyber Security.

Our Protection Spectrum
Maintenance in Security Condition
Compliance and Regulation
Cybersecurity by Design
Training and Induction
WCS Maritime Security Consulting Services Benefits


Our research team consists of maritime and elite cyber professionals dedicated to search unknown potential backdoors of maritime cyber threats.


Our solution was designed to adapt to the protection of vessels, fleets, ports and Offshore facilities against maritime cyber threats.


Our solution helps both fleet managers and crew onboard to easily use and demonstrate inspectors compliance and better cross all such maritime cyber regulatory straits.