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Challenges in Cyber Security

With the fast-pacing tech world, we’re all pretty much aware as to how important cyber security is to our personal as well as professional lives. By definition, cyber security is the path followed by individuals as well as firms in order to protect their systems from cyber attacks like phising, malware, ransomware, trojans etc. and

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Soulbound Tokens- the Future of Unique Identification?

Soulbound Tokens are like NFTs that can behave like genuine accomplishment identifications. Soulbound tokens (SBT) are non-transferrable, freely irrefutable computerized tokens that can go about as a sort of CV for web3 clients, showing an individual’s participations, qualifications and affiliations. Dissimilar to NFTs and other digital currencies that can be exchanged on the open market

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Corona Virus and the Cyber World

We all know 2020 as the year where the whole world took a pause from their lives. March 2020, the Corona Virus had reached almost every nook and corner of the world dooming it with chaos, uncertainty and panic. The outbreak of the virus transformed us living beings into just beings with unhealthily increased screen

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Our Partnership with Neptune Cybersecurity

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Neptune Cyber– the leaders in providing Maritime Cyber Security. About our new partner, Neptune Cybersecurity–Neptune is a Maritime Cybersecurity company with it’s headquarters in Lévis, Québec. Their team of experts in cybersecurity, shipbuilding and operations properly understand the commercial, operational and regulatory challenges their clients face and how they

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We’ve Partnered with Centralex

                      We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Centralex– the industry leaders in providing a Simple and Secure Trading Experience. About our new partner, Centralex–Centralex is an international cryptocurrency exchange situated in Hong Kong. They try to bring amazing people together to do extraordinary things, with a

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We’ve teamed up with Hypersign

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Hypersign– the masterminds in the payment security industry, as a part of our mission to make the world a more secure and reliable place. About our partner, Hypersign:Hypersign is a decentralized Identity protocol and identity management stack developed by Hypermine Labs. It offers a simple-to-use authentication solution that secures user data

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