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We offer testing of various levels as per your need, trying our best to make your network as secure as possible. 

Penetration Testing

Many web applications measure touchy information including client and monetary data, making them of colossal interest to malignant assailants. As the intricacy of web applications builds, the scope of exploitable weaknesses will increment. This is the reason WCS’s web penetration testing administrations are so pivotal for our customers.

Android Penetration Testing

We perform various tests on android applications to ensure your customers feel their data is in safe hands.

DDoS Resistance

Let us test your infrastructure so that you'll never wakeup and see a hefty bill from your cloud provider.

IOS Penetration Testing

We also offer IOS penetration testing that includes a wide range of tests to ensure safety of your user's data.

Network Penetration Testing

Network is the backbone of any organization and if it goes down, it takes the organization down with it. We provide network penetration testing so that no vulnerability is left unpatched.

Web Application

Web application is the face of an organization. Some intruder gains access and the organization's critical data could land in wrong hands. We ensure that your website is safe round the clock.

Security Assessment

Security assessments are carried out by individuals who are unclear as to the quality of the security measures put in place on their IT systems and networks. The benefits to a secure network are many and include the security measure’s ability to protect user confidentiality, sensitive data, system resources, and much more.

Cloud Security Assessment

One unchecked access point in your cloud can lead to a data breach. Schedule a meet and we'll provide a detailed report on all the security compromising issues of your cloud.

Social Engineering

Security is as strong as its weakest link. All the advanced security architecture and one click on phishing email and your advanced security is gone. Hire us and we'll train and assess your staff.

Threat Modeling

It's better to build defenses before you get attacked. Hire us and we'll asses and give you a detailed risk report on your infrastructure that helps you in building your defenses.

Vulnerability Assessment

Its better to know where your enemy could attack you from than sitting ducks and finding out after they attack you. Hire us and we'll give you a detailed report on all your vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Security Audit

Your project may lose money, reputation, and time as a result of smart contract vulnerabilities.  These flaws are eliminated by smart contract auditing services provided by WCS.

Vulnerability Assessment

Its better to know where your enemy could attack you from than sitting ducks and finding out after they attack you. Hire us and we'll give you a detailed report on all your vulnerabilities.

Risk Assurance

Startup Compliances, we want to make legal and business matters simpler for startups. We’re focused on helping startup accountants and compliance professionals solve the legal compliance hurdles associated with starting a business.

Security Operations Center

The Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralised role inside an organisation that use people, policies, and technology to monitor and enhance the security posture of the business while preventing, detecting, analysing, and responding to cyber incidents.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is required by the contract for those handling cardholder data, whether you are a start-up or a global enterprise. Your business must always be compliant, and your PCI DSS compliance must be validated annually.

GDPR Assessment

GDPR is created by the European Union (EU) to regulate how organizations collect, handle, and protect personal data of EU residents. The GDPR compliance took effect on May 25, 2018, and is a binding regulation written directly into Member States’ laws.


ISO 27001 is a longstanding network protection structure used to fabricate an ISMS inside your association. This certificate was laid out by the International Organization for Standards (ISO), a global standard-setting body that works with normal principles across countries.


HITRUST is one of the most stringent and time-intensive certifications for any sized organization to take on, we help you reduce the burden of having to gather evidence and complete ongoing validated HITRUST assessments to verify compliance.


Auditors conduct an internal audit determining the status of implemented HIPAA Controls implemented, that are in compliance with the regulation and organization policy procedure requirements


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