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We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Neptune Cyber– the leaders in providing Maritime Cyber Security.

About our new partner, Neptune Cybersecurity

Neptune is a Maritime Cybersecurity company with it’s headquarters in Lévis, Québec. Their team of experts in cybersecurity, shipbuilding and operations properly understand the commercial, operational and regulatory challenges their clients face and how they can impact upon their cyber security. They provide you with practical advice and solutions that won’t disturb company operations and are based on real-world knowledge of what’s commercially viable for your specific needs.

We at White Coast Security are dedicated to providing the best degree of security to our users, and this partnership with Neptune Cybersecurity will ensure that there are no challenges with their infrastructure, ensuring that all of your data is protected and stays where it belongs — with you.
We’ll be collaborating with Neptune to provide web-based cyber security services.
We’re thrilled to have such a project on our team, and we’re looking forward to the new business and partnership opportunity!
Get in touch with Neptune Cybersecurity
Website: https://www.neptunecyber.com/

About Us:
We deal in providing cyber security services which includes cyber-attack simulation and awareness tool, email authentication and anti-spoofing solution, anti-phishing, fraud monitoring & take-down solution, phishing incident response, Risk detection & threat analysis and code risk review to clients with at-most excellence and perfection.